Saturday, May 09, 2009

Struttin' with some bbq.

Sonny's on Sixteenth Section Road is back—sort of! Now it's Morris BBQ and Steak House with better weekly coverage. In fact they won best BBQ at the recent CDAF.

I met and had a really pleasant conversation with Ruth Morris, the doyenne of the clan. Some of you might remember her as the long-time manager of Perry Cafeteria during the Zacharias regime. 13 years ago Dr. Longest told her it was time to take it easier. And the place was never the same. We reminisced about stuff like Mr. Henry's bread pudding, when Paul Prudhomme visited campus, a certain rich alumna who dipped and drank corn likker but had a ton of dough and was generous to a fault, and the day Mrs. Longest graduated from MSU finally when 41 was the graduation speaker.

Oh yeah, the Q. Spot on. Not quite Sonny's hot sauce, but everything else was the equal and much was SUPERIOR, especially the sides which were clearly homemade and not out of a jar or can. Those baked beans were killah dillah.

Pointer for non-Southerners: if your BBQ plate comes with any carbohydrate but Wonder bread (like say Texas toast or hush puppies--get those at a Gulf seafood restaurant stupidhead!) run as fast as you can the other direction. You've been had! This message is John T. Edge-approved, well not really, but I bet he'd concur.

I will be back and I'll be bringing all my friends!

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