Sunday, May 24, 2009

Calypso (part v); or, i can't get started.

What a conceptually great record cover. Kinda makes me yearn for an old Quadrophonic surround sound stereo system.

So THAT'S why they call IT a "JOY"stick!

You might be on a bad day Mr. Shelley, but boy do we want you to keep jerkin' back and forth . . .

Who knew The GREAT ONE had a legitimate alternative career beyond standup and TV gigs. I certainly didn't until I stumbled upon this 45 EP. A quintessentially 50s swingin' artefact.

I close with arguably the greatest mainstream single of the 1980s the last decade in which I bought 45s in any quantity.

If not that one, then surely this.

This concludes Calypso series 1. After a Memorial Day break, I might do a shorter second series focusing more on the heartbreaks of our collections, the stuff we bought when didn't know any better. You know more Maxine Nightingale less MoB, "Max Ernst." You'll be amused by such "faves" as this.

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