Monday, May 04, 2009

On grasmere.

My family has owned a house at Lake Junaluska for 20 years now. I visited last week to celebrate my 45th birthday and to pursue a lifelong dream in Charlotte on May Day. Last Tuesday I took a brief walk around the lake. Lake Junaluska that is. Here's a visual and verbal record of that journey.

The 'rentals were enjoying an extra cuppa joe on the deck.

We've had The Light Side long enough for the USPS to give us multiple street addresses!

This is the first time in two decades I've been here at the height of the spring bloom.

I crossed South Lakeshore Drive and began a clockwise peramublation. Soon coming across the biggest estate/lot on the lakefront, belonging to Dr. Smith/ Also in our little cove, the birds amass, esp. the ducks.

Many of the lakefront properties were 1950s cinder block cigar boxes, but today they have been disguised with second floors and paint jobs.

As we round the backside of Hickory Ridge, we head into the land of outlandishly large but also impractical vacation homes. Consider what one of these driveways would be like covered with ice in Mid-February. No thanks!

The famous Shell House has been restored to its former glory after having been a secret meth house for much of the 2000s.

Who's conducting this tour? Only the Shadow knows!

Apparently the Ducks just weren't that into it!

On the Asbury Trail.

The Primrose Path . . .

Emotion Recollected in Tranquility.

Originally the train depot for Lake Junaluska . . .

Having walked around the lake, I climbed our faux crofter's steps to investigate rumors of azaleas and dogwoods in bloom behind The Light Side.

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