Monday, May 04, 2009

Ashes to ashes.

I've got a few projects upcoming for Perfect Sound Forever. Next issue (June/July 2009) a full transcript of my 1992 interview with Kevin Shields ('We use volume as an instrument a lot live'). I'm currently transcribing a 50 minute interview with Robert Ellis Orrall from 1984 back when he was a Top 40 artist duetting with Carlene Carter on "I Couldn't Say No" but before he became Al Gore's best Brentwood buddy. Then it's on to unpacking the myths surrounding Sonny Boy Williamson II AKA Aleck Rice Miller through conversations with his living relatives. Finally I'm working on a bigger piece: An appreciation of Dust-to-digital, Luddites, and generally old stuff. We'll also discuss the label's future plans. Stay tuned.

Here's what Paste has to say on the subject.

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