Thursday, May 21, 2009

Calypso (pt. iii); or, everyday livin'.

Another Rough Trade Rippah!

Southern Death Cult?

I bought this complicated 7" at Amoeba on Haight in July'96, having heard The Grumpies on Zamfir's Panfltue @ KZSU or a similar show. Ironically a month later, my own address was MS STATE, MS 39762. Saw the Grumpies play one or two incendiary shows B4 they packed it in.

I have no idea what amy or Vince are up to. Triplet seems poised between the magnetic poles of Jackson and Starkvegas. He does the art and has a bunch of music projects: Ming Donkey, Superstar Donkey Donkey, The Band Formerly Known as . . . Waco dead et al. We're still waiting for the White Trash Superman reunion gig.

I said it was a complicated 7". You've seen some of the self-contained schwag. What you haven't seen and won't is the clean white sleeve inside since the gatefold is really an 4X8 poster halved. On the inside are the lyrics and other liner type info. Wanna see it? Get your own then.

Funny thing I live less than a mile from that intersection and I pass by The Octagon House frequently. No music has gone on there in a long long long time.

Hey Triplett! Proof here that you had an impact out west. Pretty good company on that 2003 playlist!

{DATELINE 3:24 PM ADDENDA: Putting away some vinyl I accidentaly uncovered my other piece of "Grumpiana." Here 'Tis:

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Cheree Franco said...

oh, the grumpies, oh the 90's--when blogs were zines and punk rock sounded like chipmunks on speed