Sunday, May 10, 2009


As good friends should, my pal Jason hipped me to the new Japandroids disc, now entering the Pantheon of greatest Before and After Band names, right there with Brian Jonestown Massacre! I promise to make this review "a shortie" to honor largeheartedboy. You might almost say it will be practically a post-nothing. Which puts me in mind of my favorite puncatuation joke (you didn't know there was such a thing, did you?):
This was an airy slim boy in shrimp-colored tights that made him look like a forked carrot, the rest of his gear was blue silk and dainty laces and ruffles; and he had long yellow curls, and wore a plumed pink satin cap tilted complacently over his ear. By his look, he was good-natured; by his gait, he was satisfied with himself. He was pretty enough to frame. He arrived, looked me over with a smiling and impudent curiosity; said he had come for me, and informed me that he was a page.

"Go 'long," I said; "you ain't more than a paragraph."
Twain, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, Chapter 2

With 24 years in in non-commercial radio, of course, I'm gonna play "Sounds A Lot Like" for shorthand and indie snobbery's sake. A 2-piece Japandroids are immediately reminiscent of Mecca Normal and Spinanes. Their sound fits in the nook (or is it a crannie?) between Quasi and The Thermals. In other words, it RAWKS! And yes all those references were purposely Left and North.

Key Tracks:
Young Hearts Spark Fire
Crazy / Forever
I Quit Girls
and The "Binary Code" song, Heart Sweets "X O X O X"

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