Saturday, May 23, 2009

Calypso (part iv); or, some candy talking.

The Original Dirty South!

C'mon Babee, crunk it up! Just follow the bouncing red codpiece. Hotlanta sez Larry Blackmon You still De Man!

@SR: Yup, the NME schwag is definitely better from cassettes like Pogo A Gogo

to this Feb. '86 offering NME's Big 4.

The Flip side featured Hüsker Dü covering The Beatles' "Ticket to Ride" and "Let's Get Small" by Trouble Funk for some classic GoGo grooves.

Old School Virgin: Rare Double A-side

New School Virgin: Wasn't Tom Jones somehow involved with this next single?

Twelve Times You

Q: What do you get when old punks meet Generation Ecstasy?
A: Why a Pink Flag with white labels, of course!

I pulled a track off this delicious slice of vinyl for the CD I produced for the 1st Pop Conference at the EMP.

The tracklistings. Not on your life; that's why they're called white labels! B-sides they're pretty easy to google down to anyway.

The last one's for JP & is another mail order special direct from the UK

You know what. I played it having absolutely no idea what was coming and it sure did . . . thrill me!

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