Saturday, April 18, 2009

It never rains in southern california.

Kudos to Matt Cox and the SAAC for another happening CDAF with a little assist from Aeolus! The boys from Backstage braved the elements and brought the noise.

First sign of the festival at 9:30 Am was this tent in front of St. Joseph.

Light of light + glass fame. Heard a funny new version of the great Dr. Wagner"heist" as told by Gorjus a truly mendacious Southran Esq. a la Foote, who after all "tells better jokes." Also chatted with glass but forgot to take a picture. :^(

It was a tad greyish but as Auntie Beeb would say "Brightening later with patchy bits to the West." Turned off University Ave onto Maxwell and there was Stacie hot from the kiln.

Backtracked towards the other main street but detoured into the JA Children's Art & Play Village.

Every kid (Big or Small) loves a train set!

Dr. Damm got a mean drum circle going, the second best percussion gig in the "Ville, trailing only after Nexxus' amazing performance of Steve Reich's "Drumming" at Lee Hall.

If only our MSU drumline were this good!

Paging Susan Boyle, Susan Boyle? Anyone anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Oxford fell and has the Cranberry Wasabi sauce to prove it. Yum Yum!

There was, of course, dancing . . .

And crazy white people, AKA The Celtic Fringe.

JB performed GC.

Finally The J-Heads owned the TVA.

The fans seemed to like it.

The Kids Are All Right. Then it was time for a lunch break. Part duex forthcoming.

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