Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And now for something completely different . . . or what really caused Watergate, aka, the missing banjo tapes!

A long-lost friend no found from elementary school (John G. Riley ca. 1972) writes she's enjoying Steve Martin's new album The Crow. I remind her that he opened for The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band on the Will The Circle Be Unbroken Tour? ca. 1973 at FSU's Homecoming in Doak Campbell Stadium. She replies
yes...'the banjo is a happy instrument,maybe Nixon should have played a banjo things might not have gone so badly for him...'

I dramatize
Scene The White House: 'And Banj-O Was His Name-O [majestic strumming] Name-OHHH. That's aaah aaah aah all folks [extended pause as tape runs] Ah Rose Mary . . . John Dean-O wants to know how that take-O sounded . . . What? . . . Erased?!! . . . HOW MANY MINUTES? . . . ()%&#*($%$U** PINKO Liberal COMMIE _*^%#@#*(*%^& Uncle Joe was RIGHT . . .Get Me Haldeman. Tell Him the Usual Place in 10. [Phone slammed on desk. silence except for drumming of fingers against microphone] . . I'll get you, you . . .' And scene.

Now that's what I call a Foggy Mountain Breakdown!


J. Emery said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, now I have yours in my bookmarks! So great to hear from you, Dr. Light. My wife and I are actually planning a short trip to Starkville this summer, just to see all the changes. How are things there? Teaching in the area?

If you haven't heard yet, I co-founded a non-profit called Bifrost Arts that is working on a big anthology of hymns. We just got signed to Sounds Familyre, under their newly created Great Comfort Records. You can listen to a couple tracks here: http://www.myspace.com/bifrostarts
Volume one of the anthology comes out in Sept followed by a Christmas album in November. It will be on itunes.

Off to post on the new Grizzly Bear album.


G. E. Light said...

I wondered about the hymn stuff from what I saw rootin around the RUF UConn site and links. Have youe heard the Dust-to-Digital Christmas Compilation from a few years back: Where were you on Christmas Day?I feature it heavily on a WMSV Juke Blues Xmas theme show I did. Here's link to a virtual playlist:


I'll have to keep those two discs/virtual downloads in mind for my collection.

Give me a heads up when you'll be in the area and perhaps we can do lunch or at least sit on my back patio for a spell.

BTW the new thang for me is Japandroids a 2 piece out of Vancouver who are acually playing in Oxfor, MS at Blind Pig on July 3rd!

Oh yeah, I'm in the Jeopardy! contestant pool until November 2010. I await Trebek's call . . .