Wednesday, May 20, 2009


An occasional scan through the murky corners of my vinyl collection.

Rumor has it that counterintuitivist extraordinaire Elijah Wald will soon have much to say about this justifiably famous disc in Chapter 14.

We've recently shown NME and Sounds disc, so only Melody Maker was left. This one's February '86. Given my obsession with B-sides no suprrise I prefer the flip artists: The Men They Couldn't Hang and The Housemartins to Marc Almond and Cactus World News. I wonder if Reynolds or Stubss were in any way involved with this disc. [DATELINE 4:21 PM CDT: Relentless TNA follow-up can report that Simon, busy on another IM, disavows all knowledge of that disc, whilst Johnny-come-lately freelancer David fingers ex-NME journo Roy Carr as the "culpri(n)t."]

Perhaps the "rarest" record I own. Certainly the one that travelled the longest to get to me. Out of UK to Australia for sure, where I got it over the Net from a shoppe. And then direct to NE Mississippi.

This one just seemed the most a-Peeling in the pile I pulled. Think I'll head down to the shed and give it a listen. Pig are you coming . . .

Still my pick for greatest single of them all, even in this UK reissue through Demon format.

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