Thursday, April 09, 2009

It happens every spring.

Phoenix-like TNA shakes off the dust and arises. I've already updated the book reviews and movies (somewhat) in my sidebar. Will work on getting the music current. Note I've added a new blog link to Fuori Borgo, a friend's blog about her life outside a small village above the Ligurian coast, where she resides with three kids and my college classmate and occasional New Yorker contributor.

I'm also liberalizing my blog entry naming convention to any appropriate title (Book, Movie, Song) so I don't run out of appropriate intertextual jokes. Par example, I had already used the Hüsker Dü title track appropriate for this entry. So instead a good but not-so-well-known 1949 baseball flick starring Ray Milland, a kind of hardball Flubber.

For movie and acting buffs Dustin and Larry redux!: "Try acting dear boy."

In the coming weeks: coverage of the Cotton District Arts Festival, a book review or four, and our exciting local elections (especially the Mayor's And Ward 5 Alderman's races).

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