Saturday, April 25, 2009

Art into pop; or, walking on sunshine.

Took part in Starkville in Motion's Arts Walk today. It was an almost perfect day for this event, which was good for your physical, cultural, and perhaps even spiritual health. Kudos to Michelle Jones for a fantastic Architectural detail scavenger hunt! I bet the kids had fun, with or without binoculars.

First thing I saw was a group of walkers, but they were some high school kids walking for World Vision and against Famine. They sped by and, of course, my camera's battery died, so 1) I only caught their tail-enders and 2) no idea which denomination they represented.

First art thing I saw was a bunch of happy kids and kids at heart at Dandy Doodlez.

One of the proud co-sponsors of the event: Starkville Community Market.

Really, I swear there was some impressive chalk art, it's just out of my lens' eye.

Fridge magnets on the march!

Any and all outdoor Starkville Arts events require a shot of DK painting . . .

Then it was on to one of the primary venues: Cre8tive Warehouse.

This is the actual workspace at Cre8tive Warehouse.

Jeremy Murdock, who also showed at CDAF, is an up and coming photographer with a keen eye for all tints: B&W, Sepia, and Color. It doesn't hurt that his subjects involved two of my favorite places: NOLA and SF. Maybe he and Ray Iglay should try and do a show together some time.

But believe it or not Ripley, the find of the day was a freebie on a counter at Cre8Tive. Kirk Nunnelee's cartoon chapbook--something I suspect Dr. Fury & Gorjus will heartily approve of. Here's the cover and one funny page.

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