Thursday, April 09, 2009

It came from memphis.

And Muscle Shoals for that matter. The DBTs are picking up all kinds of collaborators these days. They've been touring off-and-on with Spooner Oldham, who was just inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Of course, they participated as backing band on Bettye LaVette's career renaissance. Now they're playing along with Neil Young behind the inimitable Booker T. Jones on his Potato Hole. That's 5 geetars people. Yes Booker T. gets up from behind the keys and gets down.

If only I could have gotten to Little Five Points last weekend for the Variety Playhouse show! A musical former Shakespearean* friend commented that this live version of "Green Onions" "almost sounds punk." My favorite discovery about Booker T. was that after being asked to helm a Willie Nelson record and finding modern studios intimidating he enrolled in a Pro Tools 101 Class at Pyramid studios offered by San Francisco State extension.

* He has left academia after professing in Columbus, the BIG ONE in O-H-I-O and yes this is an homage to Joe Posnanski and his asterisked asides. He wrote a great essay about the myth of Herschel. I'm comments 15 and 17. That has nothing to do with music or this entry but Hey Joe likes music and, for all I know, Shakespeare too.

Speaking of the funk, Big Jim has a blog!

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