Sunday, April 12, 2009

I get around.

Five more for "Friday" this time themed around 1985-7 Cambridge, MA to York to Stanford. Decided not to wait and let this corrode in my Blogger Dashboard.

The Female Jesus & Mary Chain, well kinda.

Foxheads Stalk This Land! Unfortunately, no C86 video of "Firestation Towers" was anywhere to be found. The Wedding Present covered this as B-side on "California", the June 1992 Hit Parade single. Paisley's The Close Lobsters rank with Brighton's 14 Iced Bears as underdiscovered gems of this era.

Curiously Shane still has teeth here. The definitive anti-war ballad. And one of the reasons Bob Kerrey is a mensch!

A defining single for the era. And as a free extra the following band profile:

Xgau sure looks like a kid! ;-) Mould: "No Backbiting"! Hmm . . . is that revisionist history a priori?

Stunning Orange Juice cover from a 1986 Peel Session by The Wedding Present. Oh yes, the song was written by James Kirk, thus it's "A William Shatner Number." THIS IS THE SOUND OF HAPPINESS!

and for an encore, another brilliant Gedge B-side. Arguably The Weddoes finest single moment, here's a performance video from a 1990 show in their home base Leeds.

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