Sunday, April 19, 2009

Celebrated summer.

The first 10 minutes of Adventureland bring a Replacements song I actually like (Think Tim Side 2), a semiotic signfying joke, and The VU. Now that's my kinda flick!

A little gem of a soundtrack, two funny supporting bits with Hader and Wiig, the honey from Twilight, a panoply of well known character actors (Wendie Malick, Jack Gilpin, Matt Bush, Josh Pais) plus some crushing punches below the belt.

Written and directed by that pomo Mr. Clean, Greg Mottola. The fact he was born in 64 has something to do with how this speaks to me I'm sure.

Met a gurl; liked her; made her a tape to play in the car . . .

Had my own version of the film's middle dramatic confrontation discussion at a picnic table outside Blackwelder end of summer 1988.

Something died in me on 12/6/88 when you sat directly across from me and said "I realized I don't have any close friends in the area."

But like any good film, "it"(whatever "it" was?) wasn't over yet. No "close friends in the area," but I kept getting mail and notes about her life and stuff.

She was always really resourceful about what she penned notes on: index cards, the corner of a cancelled check (just her name and a new phone number and thus I felt no reason to reproduce it), the back of a deposit slip (see below), et cetera.

Here was one about meeting her and some girlfriends at The Guild in Menlo to see Jaglom's farce Eating (1990). I went and it was a good time though most assuredly not a date.

Alas life seldom turns out like a romcom no matter how many times she reappears, which is why Casablanca has the perfect ending . . .

Make sure to spend your time at Pittsburgh's best low rent amusement park.

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