Saturday, February 09, 2008

Seven daffodils.

The combination of the Lee Hays/Fred Moseley folk tune and our weird "winter" weather gives us today's title and theme. Almost a month ahead of schedule the flower also known as jonquil down South are beginning to bud and in a few cases bloom. Yes, we had a few very cold days last month and an ice storm, of sorts. But it has been a primarily warm winter if a bit soggy, thus the bad storms/tornadoes of last week.

Your Grandma might have called them Jonquils; your Mom Daffodils, though technically they're Narcissi.

Only The Shadow knows where his Rosemary grows . . .

and grows and grows! Maybe we should have gone with Edison Lighthouse for our title.

The weather's so weird, the confused barn owl, who normally resides in the Great oak at the back of my property and usually only comes out at night, allows himself to be snapped in the open napping (the blob in the picture's center).

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