Monday, June 29, 2009

The yummi yummi yummi song.

As promised, My 3 Favorite Cookbooks

The Obvious One

A very special gift from Donna. You can't take THAT away from me now! Can you?

I generally think it's the best broad spectrum introductory cookbook currently available—sorry Rombauer clan.

The Other Two Quirky Picks

Harvey Steiman's California Kitchen

Great no-nonsense advice from KCBS radio personality. Favorite recipe Harvey's "OJ Fish"

Susan Bradley Pacific Northwest Palate

A great early proponents of seasonal cooking from one of the few areas that offers wildly variant foodstuffs throughout the calendar year. favorite recipe is a surprisingly easy Salmon in Parchment with Walla Walla Corn, Tomatoes and Rice
Steaming in parchment ona grill is really healthy. Plus its such a show-offy presentation to plop the thing down on a plate and the snip it open with kitchen shears. Trust me she'll be impressed, guys.

No scans of the latter 2 because like spawning salmon they have returned to their roots or at least Lake Oswego, OR. I suspect after the move in is complete JK Landrum will put them in a box and send 'em back! having harvested their roe . . .

Lagniappe: Best Single Topic Cookbook

Another gift from one of my oldest friends: Susan P. Morgan! I still also have the glass pasta container and white plastic pasta ladle that came with it one Christmas as below.

Note the Caribbean bus hanger was also courtesy of Susan on another day.

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