Friday, June 19, 2009

Missing you.

So I've slowly been enjoying Continuum's book by Paul Hegarty, Noise/Music: A History, as bedtime reading. Last night in typically restless fashion, I went index-surfing. When I saw the stuff re: Merzbow, I just had to turn to page 153 . . . but wait it didn't exist.

Oops. Somewhere between 1/3 to 1/24 of that quire missing depending on their production processes and paper sheet size. Far from the worst piece of book production I've ever owned (Thanks U of Ca Press), but still missing end notes for previous chapter and the first 6 pages including the thesis gone for the Merzbow chapter apparently gone. Julian Cope would probably be more upset about the former somehow! I rifled through the book in its entirety; no, not just a production foul up with papers reshuffled.

Fortunately, the book's editor, David Barker, is an acquaintance. So I sent him an email, outlining my problem. If that name sounds familiar, then you probably own one of his pride and joys, a volume in the fan-tastic (!) 33 1/3 series. I'll report back on whatever resolution we come up with.

UPDATE (9:55 AM): Response Time 1 hour 37 minutes. New copy of book being mailed next week gratis. Woo Hoo as Damon Albarn croons!

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