Tuesday, June 16, 2009

As time goes by.

You must remember this: the gang's all here down by the Charter Oak!

The all-conquering Maclay "A" team, undefeated Champions of 1st annual Democrat-sponsored Big Bend Brain Brawl. Uniquely, a feat never to reoccur as tourney grew with success and was split into brackets and then later seeded into competitive flights based on size and prior showings, we beat every other competing team including runners-up, Godby "A", whom we simply whomped! Maclay "B" cruised nicely into show position.

Rumor has it I was a useful player or so the Sunday Tallahassee Democrat front page lead headline read: "IT'S MEXICO FOR GE & CO." accompanied by a much larger version of the photo below. Most of my fifteen minutes gone before I'm 18!

Various honoraries. Note 4 National Merit Scholars out of 42 or 5 out of 43 counting Allison Grow. Eat your heart out JA and Prep!

My Key Guys!

Class of 81 Last Will & Testament including "unofficial" class history from 1st to 12th. Sponsored by Piper-Sonoma.

June 5th 1981 Graduation night Post-ceremony post-valedictory address. Sheer Joy!

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