Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The juke.

Opening Night Show review

The Grand re-Opening of the Bistro & State Theater complex was yesterday. Last night the State became a classic juke with a large LA-Z-Boy Barcalounger prepared for main act Blind Mississippi Morris, master of the "MS Saoxophone"! Guy, gals, and esp. one lonely balding guy from NH down on contract business in West Point got down on the dance floor to various blues classics from John Lee Hooker to Howlin' Wolf to BB King to Junior Wells and lest we forget, Little Walter and Sonnyboy Williamson too or is that II?

The backing band becomes the house band of the State AKA The Crooked Letters. as in crooked letter crooked letter i cl cl i humpback humpback i (cf. Afroman). Two requirements to be in: born in MS and work at the State or Bistro. Tonight's version was the extended and at some times unwieldy 6 piece with special guest sit-ins as well, like Scott "Scooter" Thomas. The stand up bass is nice but unnecessary and I think the rhythm guitarist should also know slide. So you're back to a four piece hopefully in the future. Still fun was had by all and we did it to the blues in MS, imagine that!

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