Friday, June 05, 2009

In jackson.

Had lunch at Mexico Tipico while watching the first rain delayed bit of Super Regional Game #1 between FSU and Arkansas. I had Lunch Special #12: Taco Salad and Dad had #16: Chicken Fajitas.

The Cabot Lodge Millsaps is overrun, and I was lucky to be able to book a room. It's kinda trippy as the two groups clogging the Great Room are The Mississippi Association for the Deaf and the Jehovah's Witness "Keep on the Watch!" program. Spending early Father's Day weekend down in Jackson. After arriving in Flowood we peeled of on Ridewood Rd to Old Canton to County Line and back to the Everyday Gourmet. Yes, I know Pear Orchard would have been shorter but we wanted to see what the gas price at Kroger was. Got Mom her O Olive Oil infused with Meyer lemons. Then browsing at Lemuria and finally dinner in the room a take out CBGB's from Sal & Mookie's. That was appropriate because my college roommate's last apartment in Manhattan before buying a house outside Greenwich, CT was on the NE corner of the intersection of Mulberry & Houston. Walk 1 block north on Mulberry and turn right and CBGB and OMFUG's sign was visible about 3 short blocks away.

Going to the Mississippi Museum of Art tomorrow morning for two exhibitions: Raoul Dufy: A Celebration of Beautyand Eudora Welty in New York. Then on to the The Cherokee Inn for Game 2 of FSU versus Arkansas Super Regional.

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