Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It says here (different version).

Stay tuned to this site in the coming weeks for potential news of an expansion in/redefinition of the TNA universe as well as possible multimedia streaming on the blog. Yeah we tried it unsuccessfully back in 2004, but the technology is much more of a go now.

In the meantime investigate any of the following with my rock steady guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Among the Oak & Ash, S/T
Josh Joplin + Garrison Star cover such traditional songs as "The Water is Wide" and "Peggy-O" plus one by the Smiths.

Booker T, Potato Hole
Best instrumental rock record in more than coon's age. Drive-By Truckers groove on favorably in place of the MGs. while Neil Young as ever lays down one tastefully blistering solo after another. How hot is THAT GUY! Plus Booker T learned Pro-Tools from SF State extension class, cool beanz.

Japandroids, Post-Nothing
2-piece out of West Vancouver; Hey Y'all They're plauing Oxford's Blind Pig July 3rd!

Poacher, S/T
Starkville's newest hitmakers and another fine production from Scary Uncle.

Telekinesis, Telekinesis!
Great stuff from the Great Northwest on Merge! Thanks to Carrie Brownstein for this tip. Recording project of Seattle's Michale Benjamin Lerner.

The Thermals, Now We Can See
Latest rocker from Portland's indie "super group" and a favorite of my favorite former Rhodes Scholar (yeah you tbmueller King of the EVOO). Now if we can just get Johnny Marr on the second guitar.

Venice is Sinking, Azar
Atmospheric tuneage outta Athens with the mighty Big Grey on percussion.

Wussy, S/T
Might just be the record of the year to date.

Dropping local

The Jarheads, Thursday and Chapman & The Fantasticks, Friday. BE THERE!


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