Friday, May 12, 2006

Senses working overtime.

Today I took the MCAT (well the Verbal Reasoning section at least). I am contractually obligated to not reveal anything about this sample test developed by Kaplan. But I can say the readings were varied (mainly sciences and social sciences) and full of precise details. If I score high enough (90% which doesn't seem like too much of a stretch) I'll be teaching young MD-wannabes this stuff in the next couple of weeks or so.

At the same time I've been reorganizing my iTunes folder and following this month's MacWorld's suggestions on how to back the whole thing up on my Zinio reader. But my DVD burner doesn't like the colored discs I had, so I have archived smart playlists but no physical back up yet. I did copy my iTunes Music Library.xml to my nifty Zip Drive (I know, I know, I'm at least 2.5 generations behind on storage technology. so what? the Zip works fine for my needs and still has over 180 MB of storage left), so at least that data should be safe if some kind of electrical apocalypse occurs on my G4 iMac. Plus I've been moving some more of my CD collection into the virtual world. This week my iTunes has gone from 22 gigs of stuff to 38 with a few more days left to burn my key blues and more jazz albums. When done, I expect I'll be in the mid 40s at least. In contrast my purchased playlists contains a scant 308.6 MB of songs. Not probably what Apple was hoping for consumer-wise. But I don't like Big Brother watching me with my music as a general rule.

The last two days have been spectacularly beautiful here in a way that reminds me of Stanford and Palo Alto. Great sunlight, little humidity, coolish highs in low to mid 70s and lows in 40s. AAAAHHH! Hope it stays that way so I can keep up the long walks and do some yardwork this weekend.

On Tap: The Persians at Dave's on a final smoky Saturday night. Yes, Starkville goes smoke free starting next week on Saturday May, 20th. How forward thinking for a "dumb little" southern town! Now I won't have to strip immediately after a night out. What? You were thinking a woman was involved. I wish, but nope—just stinky apparel.

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