Sunday, May 28, 2006

Back to the lake.

One of the handful of great late GBV tracks will be our informal theme song for Memorial Day weekend at Lake Mortimer, Winona, MS. I rode over with Bill and Susan; we arrived about 12:15 on Saturday.

Fords unloading

The rest of the gang arrived soon thereafter.


I had been told a camp house and certainly didn't expect a modern split-level A frame with four bedrooms, all mod cons including satellite TV, and various patios and porches.

A frame upstairs

Back porch

Fire pit patio

Really I expected the rustic Gothic South, kinda like this—the original Lake Mortimer homestead.

Original Mortimer Homestead

Mary Love's paternal grandfather was born and raised in this house which has been in disrepair for a while now, the front steps in summer disappearing in the grass, a site straight outta Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha.

Side View

Front Steps in Summer

The family has several hundred acres surrounding the man-made Lake Mortimer. The four adult children of the aformentioned grandfather all pitched in to build the new house with 4 bedrooms no less. They split time there monthly.

Entry plaque

Lake Mortimer

We did what one does at a lake house on Memorial Day weekend: relax, play, and eat!


Gals relaxin'

Mike and Steve relaxin'

More gals relaxin'

Playin', which entailed, fishing, swimming, "speed"boating, and muleriding around the local trail system.


Dock Loungin'

Approaching Mary Love

Bill en fuego

Our Wake

Mule Run on High


Eatin' Beyond interminable snacking, we had two meals. A late night dinner consisting of Little Dooey pulled pork BBQ sandwiches with hot or mild sauce, cole slaw, salad, bbq beans, and a special celebratory cupcake cake. Susan and Grace worked on getting the appetizers ready first.

Grace and Susan work on dinner

Cupcake PhD Celebration

For his design efforts on the aformentioned cake, Mike should be congratulated. The next morning after a nice lie-in, Grace made sausage patties and cinnamon rolls for everyone. The sizzlin' aroma tempted even the most sleepy-headed from their berths.

Sausage sizzlin'

No Grace, the cinnamon rolls were fine

By about 2:15 pm everyone had packed up and headed back to Starkvegas. A great time was had by all, even our four legged friends!

Curious Jinx


Anonymous said...

I have to say that I would have forgotten more of that 24 hours than I remembered. Until your pictorial that is. Nice shots. I think my favorite was Mike sitting on the step in front of the boat. Good job on all the shots.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy taking a look at your weekly blog entry. You are quite the photographer. Thanks for keeping track of the weekend high jinx (no pun intended!!!) and sharing them with us!