Sunday, May 07, 2006

Saturday nite is dead.

The Millicents' Last Go Round
I hadn't conceptualized when I heard about this show last week that Andy and Charlie's situations were such that version 2.1 of The Millicents would cease to exist after tonight. They certainly acquited themselves well, achieving the Doug Martsch zen-like high ringing guitar groove on multiple occasions. Well done! Here's the actual setlist of material they played:

set 1
Budge (Dinosaur Jr. cover)
Not Bleeding
County One
Trailer Trash (Modest Mouse cover)
Slow Thief
Radio Waste
Misunderstood (Wilco cover)

set 2
Ticking Valentine
Placebic Advice
New Song
Effigy (CCR cover via Uncle Tupelo)
Violence of Memory
Corded Metal

again about 95 minutes or so with a short break mid-list.

I once saw Pavement play at the Forum née The Town and Country in Kentish Town, London in a pre-Glastonbury gig with John Peel lurking near the bar pint of Stout in hand. The Wedding Present B-boys wouldn't shut up about "Box Elder, MO." Malkmus was pissed because the NME gig guide had called this show a warm-up; he asserted, "I don't need to warm up, I just show up and play." Then he brought out the big hubris by introducing Echo and the Bunnymen's "The Killing Moon" as "we own this song." No, dude, you don't, and being pissed off at the Brits the cover you should've played was "No More Kings" off Schoolhouse Rock Rocks!, but I digress. The point of all this is that last night, however, briefly, The Millicents completely owned Jeff Tweedy's early Wilco masterpiece "Misunderstood." An absolute showstopper that performance. Other highlights included first setter "Slow Thief" in the Built to Spill vein and the second set numbers "Placebic Advice" with its urgent drum opening and "Walls" with its blitzoid tempo.

A few more snaps:

Darth Sidious Ed emerges from the soon to be dissipated smoke of Dave's . . .

A nice 2/3 full band shot.

Ed is possessed (check his eyes) and commands his minions to follow or die! (Check out Andy's red-eyed possession above.)

Drummers never have any fun.

The Millicents even brought their own groupies!

A few closing thoughts about Dave's.

Vic was working so hard, he didn't have time to pose for a picture:

Regulars bellied up to the bar.

Those red filter stage lights really are too bright, dammit!

That's all folks! Thank you and good night.

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