Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bang bang rock & roll.

The Last Temptation of JBA

The original John Black Attack lineup played what will surely be their last show for quite a while last night at Dave's. Having actually practiced a fair amount for a gig at Hal and Mals' Red Room last weekend, they came and they let it out. They opened the show and played one long set of about 90 minutes. Here it is:

Strange Eros
Pickup Lines
Fishing for Insults
Heaven's Gate
In Demand
Sexy Like White Trash
Steel Protection
The Actors Take a Break
Ordinary Weakness
New Dare Radio
Jail Song
Slow Moving Waves
Morning Sea Myths
(extended "Woodified" version)
Slack Motherfucker
(Superchunk cover)

A really fine setlist mixing old, old songs and newer models.
Personal highlights for me were Gordon achieving Mac McCaughan impassioned flintiness on "Disappear" with vocals by Steve, the old school
classics "Pretty" and "Sexy Like White Trash," and the new slightly
more minor feel "PBS in OAH" with the much more radical tempo changes
throughout as devised by Mr. Conwill. O.k. so now for some pictures featuring more than disembodied parts:

Gordon and Steve sing together.

Gordon plays with furious abandon.

The drummer is almost always in the back and alone unless he's Phil @&#&*% Collins.

Apparently Steve could teach Marilyn Chambers a thing or 2! Actually he's getting his Superchunk on as the show closes.

Steve in his Cock Rock 101 pose.

Andy is either Entwistle or Hook here.

JBA is 2 cool for school.

Woody in his early Dave Grohl phase.

They turned their backs on me!

Normally, here I would command you to go see them at your first convenience, but that isn't gonna happen now. This is now officially a three-parter. More about the final show of "headliners" The Millicents coming in the next blog entry same blogchannel same blogtime.


Anonymous said...

I love the close up shots, they turned out nice. We're planning on playing every 13 months, so book June 2007 for the JBA!

gorjus said...

The close-ups were my favorites, actually!

I think the Jaxxon show was great but I was so drunk I can't really remember.