Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My noise.

"We use volume as an instrument" launched into cyberspace at long last! It was retitled 90's Noise.

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Lisa @ Little Acorn said...

The pleasures of the internet - I was happy to find and read your very thoughtful article. Little did I know that an audio document of MBV's 1992 Vancouver show ever existed, let alone that it has been readily availabe in bootleg form for (14?) years. I've already commented on about that concert. I left out the part about me: walking the streets stunned for hours after; talking to a sad and damaged woman while I drank chocolate milk outside a 7-11, later to be propositioned by a German restaurateur who told me, "Sometimes it's nice to just be held, you know?"

July 1, 1992 was a memorable night for me.