Saturday, November 03, 2007

Three times a lady.

Well I certainly wasn't expecting to take 3 days to finish my final "Seconds" piece on the Clash. Nor was I expecting it to morph into three separate blog entries. But it did. Without further ado bulb and TNA's 2007 take on "(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais."

What can you say about a 45 record which is probably the first "Punky Reggae Party" whether by choice or happenstance and that also in essence is Joe Strummer's review of a particularly poor performance by Dilinger and Leroy Smart during a Reggae "All Niter" at the famous Hammersmith Palais de danse venue, alas now GONE but not forgotten. Get to the song you say! O.K. O.k> allright already. The driving guitar work of the Jones/Strummer Axis opens the song only to slip back into the mix as Strummer's autobiographical lyrics come to the fore highlighted by the reggae riddims of Paul Simonon's dub heavy bass. -More to come after the Johnny Cash Marshall Grant reading . . .


You know what, I've written round and round this fantastic single over the last 3 posts and I could continue on in this "widening gyre" slouching forwards "like some rough beast," but I'd still never arrive at any revealed truth beyond what I first wrote 22 years ago. So I surrender "complete control" . . . just give the song a spin and make up your own mind!

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