Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kick out the jams.

A catalogue of great live performances/videos. Enjoy.

The single best performance on Saturday Night Live, and I'm not now nor have I ever been an Eddie Vedderhead. Watch Jeff Ament at the 4:00 mark.

Close Seconds

The greatest power trio ever. Nirvana who?

7 years later and 1443 miles to the SE, we're still jawin' with the crowd, and the Kids are Still MORE than Alright!

Václav Havel's favorite band. I was at this show and unwittingly sitting within 5 seats (to the right) of the videographer; my interview with Iva Turnová, female bassist who introduces the song, and front man/saxophonist, Vratislav Brabenec, after the same is forthcoming on Perfect Sound Forever

Talking Heads via Skynyrd at the Mercy Lounge in Nashville

The Weddoes in full video flight plus bonus live covereage from homebase of Leeds

MBV, "Feed Me With Your Kiss"
Who ever put together this Hollywood montage is really gifted.

Mission of Burma still rules after all these years . . .

Birth of the Cool, Indeed!

A Foot Tappin' Number

Mingus, "Blues with the Saw" (1971)

The WOLF . . .

The famous Shindig performance with Elvis' guitar player James Burton

Alas, still no footage of James Brown and the Fabulous Flames at The T.A.M.I. Show (1964).

Have a Great Thanksgiving everyone. TNA will be back next week.

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