Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pictures at an exhibition.

Modest Mussorgsky is only so so as his first name suggests, even with this Van Cliburn medalist playing him live in McComas Hall Auditorium. And don't get me started on the prog-rock drudgery which is ELP. But, of course, this blog title is really all in honor of the curret BFA Exhibition in the McComas Hall basement Department of Art Gallery.

There was an overwhelming crowd earlier tonight at the opening party. Good I say, a nice special feeling for the artists. I'll gladly go back and take an extended look tomorrow morning when the place is vacant. From my first quick perspective. It looks like a really deep show with nary an obvious loser amongst the 10 budding artists represented. Congrats to the Art Departent all the exciting news about new and larger studio and gallery spaces. A Job well done by Bill, Brent, and Kay. Here's a kind of game to play. Look through Bill's portfolio and guess which one I own! Hint: if you're clever you can find the answer elsewhere in this blog . . . In the meantime go check out the BFA exhibition, Piece, through the end of this month.

Coathanger frenzy

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