Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tour de france.

The Kraftwerk techno classic puts me in mind of the summer of punk, which I spent ensconced in Europe, in Freiburg-im-Briesgau, West Germany precisely. One highlight of a summer full of many of them was attending Stage 13A of the 1977 Tour De France, essentially a looped criterion race of 46km around the town and environs. The stage was won by 1964 Olympic Gold Medalist, Patrick Sercu, late in his career and as an homage to his racing partner, the great Eddy Merckx, for whom this would be the last le Tour finishing in 6th overall.

After finishing Merckx calmly waited at the finish line to greet adoring fans and make time for autograph seekers and kids alike. He also handed out official Merckx cycling caps as shown above and below! Hardly Le Cannibal of fame!

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