Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Independence day.

A brief record of my quick trip to Lake Junaluska over the 4th of July weekend 2009. Our house was rented through the morning of the 5th, so we stayed at the Lodge of Waynesville on Russ Avenue in Waynesville just off the Smoky Mountain Expressway.

An eerie Smoky Mountain sky with its own seeming twister.

Mom settles in for 4th of July appetizers.

The Lodge's well maintain ground around the pool.

Looking from behind the Lodge over Russ Avenue towards THE COLD MOUNTAIN.

Mom enjoys hors d'oeurves while Dad tests the wi-fi connection.

Lake Junaluska's firewroks were shielded by interceding hills. The Waynesville fireworks appeared at the end of Russ Avenue but were probably shot off from the field between the elementary school and the old Drive-In theater. Alas they never put 2 or 3 good barrages together so all I ever got was black dark sky in my shots.

July 5th about 9 AM we headed to our house on South Lakeshore Drive. I added to our upstairs library with books brought from the Florida and Mississippi branches. People really seem to like to read mysteries here according to notes they leave as well as stray volumes gifted to our stacks. Carl Djerassi, for whom Syntex/steroids made it possible, was married later in life to a friend and Stanford English professor, the late Diane Middlebrook best known for her biographies of Anne Sexton and Billie Tipton. I already had a copy of the same paperback edition of Byatt's Possession at 119 Edgewood, so the dupe went north.

Views of and from our front deck.

Took another walk around the lake and an amazing array of flowers were in bloom both on the Rose Walk and elsewhere!

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