Friday, July 17, 2009

T for texas.

Fantastic meal last night a game decision by Issac. We walked 3 blocks down the hill to his local Cafe Josie where Blanco meets 6th street. I had the Green chile polenta with a starter of Crab bisque finished with a corn salsa. Isaac had the specila Mahi Mahi with a baby spinach salad. We started with scallops au gratin, another special, to share and closed sharing the Venezuelan Chocolate pot. Our next meal out will be at The ClayPit, either Friday or Saturday evening, my treat this time!

Made myself breakfast this morning to go along with my PG tips tea. Yougurt Curry Scrambled eggs with Kosher Salt and Cracked Black Pepper plus Nature's Own OatNut Toast with unsalted European-style butter from the Whole Foods flagship store, which is five blocks away.

Spent the day at home working except for a quick trip to Fry's for the necessary mini 5 pin plug to usb plug for downloading my snaps from the digital camera and to WalMart for some Scalpicin and shaving cream as I ran out this morning. We have a full weekend ahead, so i don't expect to blog again before Sunday evening.

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