Sunday, April 09, 2006

Reelin' in the years.

It's not that I don't like to reminisce as this blog continually illustrates:

I always used to dream of the past
But like they say yesterday never comes
Sometimes there's a song in my brain
And I feel that my heart knows the refrain
I guess it's just the music that brings on nostalgia for an age yet to come

Ah nostalgia for an age yet to come
Nostalgia for an age yet to come.
-Pete Shelley

So pardonnez moi if I don't generally jump on the reformed band bandwagon. I saw The Pixies at the Fillmore West on the Doolittle tour; no need to catch a rehash no matter how good they are. Ditto for Mission of Burma (I mean I was at the Bradford Hotel way back when). I'm not doctrinaire about it really; I have gone and seen both The Buzzcocks and Wire recently and would have caught the Gang of Four if possible. The big difference being that I never saw them the first go round, though I did catch the Buzzcocks on a late 1980s reunion tour in Palo Alto. Which brings me to J and Lou. I saw the famous Cure/Dinosaur Jr/Cranes line up at San Jose State's Spartan Stadium (probably the last such "stadium" show I ever attended) and, guess what, I'm gonna go see Dinosaur Jr. again tomorrow. "Hypocrite!", you say. Let me explain. They're playing in Memphis in a pretty small venue, Young Avenue Deli. it's a once in a lifetime chance to see the guitar pyrotechnics up close and personal. We all have to bend a little sometimes!


John said...

A few notes:

--Saw the Buzzcocks the first time around in the "Are Everything" era; reunion shows are way better.

--Saw the Dinosaur, Jr. reunion in Boston. Yawn.

--Saw the GoF reunion. Wow. I had tickets to see them in Cleveland in 1979, but the person I was with FORGOT HER ID, and so like a good boy I didn't go in by myself. Oh well.

--Saw the MofB reunion. The best thing was that it was at a big venue with a great sound system. No matter how good the Bradford was, newer sound really made them pop. Plus: new songs!

G. E. Light said...

Don't know if you;'ve heard the iTune exclusive MoB live ep Snapshot. But it is a killer. The first Buzzcocks show at the Vortex (or whatever the club was called that month) was the loudest thin I've ever heard. At one point i went otuside on the curb kept my earplugs in and could still hear fine. re; DJ I think it's just he opportunity to be close enough to see how they really make the racket that interests me. That and just how much of J's hippie hair will be grey!