Thursday, April 20, 2006

For no one.

Recently I received the following email from a good friend under the subject header "10 Best Beatles Songs Ever":
This list is off the top of my includes both group and solo.

1. I Am The Walrus
2. God--Lennon
3. Come Together
4. Here Comes The Sun
5. Working Class Hero--Lennon
6. Tug of War--McCartney
7. Happiness Is A Warm Gun
8. I'm Only Sleeping
9. A Day In The Life
10. Long, Long, Long

My response was first to note the lack of one of my faves as well as that of the late John Peel: "And Your Bird Can Sing" and also wonder about what happened to songs from Rubber Soul. Suitably inspired I started this impossible task (only 10 Beatles songs—c'mon!)

My list (as dreamed up 4/20/06 and valid for today only):
1. I am the Walrus
2. And Your Bird Can Sing
3. In My Life
4. Working Class Hero-Lennon
5. Live and Let Die-McCartney and Wings
6. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
7. Please Please Me [eds. note in sleep deprived-state I picked the wrong early single, mea culpa]
8. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
9. Beware of Darkness-Harrison
10. Across the Universe

10b-d honorable mention to "Happiness is a Warm Gun," "She's Leaving Home," and "Something"

O.K. fire away and tell me how "wrong" my very personal list is, or better yet passionately defend the tracks I forgot.


John said...

1. She Said, She Said
2. In My Life
3. She Said, She Said
4. In My Life
5. She Said, She Said
6. In My Life
7. She Said, She Said
8. In My Life
9. She Said, She Said
10. In My Life

brocato said...

1. Here, There & Everywhere
2. I Want You (She's So Heavy)
3. Come Together
4. Across the Universe
5. Let It Be
6. Hey Jude (just because of that line "the movement you need is on your shoulder")
7. Here Comes the Sun

That's about it for me.