Sunday, April 23, 2006

Kennel district; Or, Who let the dawgs out?

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Well there was much more music at THE CDAF than just Brice Miller. I saw whole sets or the better part thereof by five other artists/groups between 12:30 and 5:00 pm. Above was a brief collage of some musicians (The Mississippi Bluebloods, Drew Dieckmann, and the Keith and Margie Brown band) and some local celebs (WCBI's new Sports Guy, a gal and her dawg pal, and Gourmaes' Tony, "Vice Mayor" of the District in his new dual business role). The last two acts on the University Drive stage were The Persians and Rubber Soul buffered by Y'all's first ever Sweet Tea Consumin' contest (cuz what I saw wasn't drinkin' really).

Ya'll's Sweet tea pukefest
The Persians
Like Xerxes before them, they came, they played, they rawked, sweeping away all but the most hearty Athenian dissent. Here they are at the load-in and as the club opens.The show featured a special guest vocalist shot by

Persians load in.JPG Club is almost open.JPG

Starkville's favorite mascot Bully during a cover of Guided by Voices' "Bulldog Skin."

Bully's solo.JPG

Extreme Riffage,jpg.JPG

Steve did his usual J. Mascis noise routine.

Steve full on Mascis.JPG

The band generally rocked us like a hurricane,

And, of course, they did "Sucker with a pretty face . . ."

They even closed with a unexpected gem, Ace Frehley's one song from Kiss' 1974 eponymous debut, "Cold Gin." After all that excitement, how could Rubber Soul be anything but a let down? Well for starters "George" could tune his guitar and/or learn how to play it a lot better!

Rubber Soul
The suits were cool, the accents much better than passable, the vocals fine and the gear was . . . well "gear"! I just wonder what "Eric Burdon" was doing passing as "John Lennon."

Burdon lives!

They did the two singers at one mike stand thing successfully on more than one occasion.

Paul & George? Macca:lennon

And a good time was had by all.

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