Tuesday, February 15, 2005

This is not a photograph.

Here are the rest of my catoptric banner submissions with commentary.

Tree themes

This big foreign tree is a landmark in Santa Barbara down by the ocean and railroad station.

This lone oak was damaged in the Stanford Foothills fire. The radio dish shot on catoptric is from the same area. Originally Frederick Law Olmstead wanted to put the Stanford campus up here; fortunately he didn't, and now it's a great green space on the Peninsula. It's a small range 800+ feet that backs up to coastal range 3000+ feet.

Bridge themes

They don't call it the Golden State for nothing

The Bay Bridge doesn't get the love but is equally as beautiful a structure. Famous from George of the Jungle, The Graduate, and The Maltese Falcon.

The Bixby Bridge in Big Sur just south of Carmel is almost as famous a feat of engineering as the Lyn Cove viaduct in Virginia. You've seen it in a hundred car ads.

A famous early railway bridge in the Yorkshire Dales on the Leeds to Blackpool line.


This shot is with back facing City Lights Bookstore looking across Jack Kerouac Alley at the famous Beat bar Vesuvio. This mural adorns the outside wall.

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