Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Love song for no one (any given thursday).

Now that it has been officially confirmed by both the artists management and the local booking agent.

I'm very please to announce the following co-present:

4 AD Recording Artists
The Mountain Goats

Live at Martin's, Jackson, MS

April 7, 2005.

Be there or . . .
and we say April Goats showers, please bring May Shins flowers!


Anonymous said...

I've never actually said "april goats showers bring may flowers." but I may start saying it if it means the shins will come to mississippi. i listened to the low cd you burned for gordon a couple of times--it's really nice (my favortie song on there, for the time being, is # 12, but there are others i enjoyed as well but just can't remember).

Anonymous said...

(sorry, that comment = joy)