Monday, February 07, 2005

An elegant chaos.

People I see
just remind me of mooing
Like a cow on the grass
And that's not to say
That there's anything wrong
With being a cow anyway
But people are people
With the added advantage
Of the spoken word
We're getting on fine
But I feel more of a man
When I get with the herd.

That's probably my favorite all-time song verse, which might say more about how much attention I generally pay to lyrics than the essential quality of Julian Cope's drug addled visions. Anyway it's the last verse of "An Elegant Chaos" from World Shut Your Mouth. Equally as cool is the emphatically sung grunt "Uh" that highlights the middle of the second verse: "Its not a problem of secrecy / I take it in my stride / Did I learn to breathe / To be killed like this? Uh." I just got a "used" CD copy in the mail of this favorite from my time as a Rotary Post-Graduate Fellow in England.

Julian Cope has always been sort of a mystery to Americans. The Brits certainly overhype his original group, The Teardrop Explodes, much as they do, in my opinion, their better known Liverpudlian brethren, Echo & the Bunnymen. But I will admit "Passionate Friend" is a nice single. Since the Teardrop really exploded, Cope has been on some strange musical journey of self-realization whose highlight is probably the double eco-psyschedlic classic, Peggy Suicide. World Shut Your Mouth is his most accessible album.

Today I did one of those 5 DVDs for 5 night deals. In alphabetical order:

De Lovely
La Dolce Vita
Napoleon Dynamite
Ray, which didn't quite finish last week.

Given the rain coming down out there right now, I might get through two of them today. Forthcoming on TNA will be a new set of entries about my "Great Teachers," personal odes for personal heroes.

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