Sunday, December 05, 2004

It's my party.

Final final RSVP yes count was 88; I was busy enough tonight that I never bothered to get anything like a head count. I'll let the photographic and forensic evidence speak for itself. We killed the 3 cases of beer, 4 1.75 jug wines, and 4 750ml bottles of Mommessin and Michel Picard Beaujolais Nouveau not to mention who knows how much hard liquor and the very much appreciated contributions of party goers. The weather was cooperative except for lacking that certain nip that would have allowed for a fire. My fireplace doesn't draw that well in the mid 40s and we didn't need a room full of oak and hickory smoke. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my 40-year-old original blow-up Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer toy; yes I am a 1964 Rankin-Bass baby and proud of it.

Highlights of the evening include the following: the VA Smithfield ham parker house soppin rolls, the mango-banana salsa, the cajun beef and smoked NC mountain trout on cocktail rye sandwiches, the giant plastic clam shell full of steamed Appalchicola, FL shrimp, the GE special extra dry 10 martinis, and people's shocked pleasure at hearing my Mekons mix and The Futureheads after the Christmas music had been put away, well that never happened but my first guest was actually a wren that flew in the front door only to eventually be cornered, captured, and released by Jungle Jay R. Thanks.

Well I probably won't have a big party like this again until mid-May, so sorry if you were unable to attend. I will be doing a small thing post-New Year. Tomorrow is the quick one day overnight trip to see magnetic fields at the Variety Playhouse. I've been waiting for this show for a long time, since like Get Lost or certainly 69 Love Songs. I want to see if he uses a synth or really does wack out the cello/bass equalization on "I Thought You Were My Boyfriend." And if the latter, what is the point really?

Time for bed, no really.


Anonymous said...

Everything sounds delicious...sorry we couldn't make it.


G. E. Light said...

Yea, we missed the Jtown crowd. Final semi-oiffical morning after ehad count 64. Thanks to every one who came and especially those who brought goodies of the liquid variety.