Monday, December 13, 2004

Excitable boy.

gclark's recent confessional mood inspired me to post this, which is either the stoopidest or bravest thing I ever wrote and sent to somebody: in this case, dogperson several years ago. A Starkvegan friend who has since relocated to Bob Pollard's hometown claims I had a big pair of brass ones to send it; I'm not so sure. What do you think?

So I have this sneaking suspicion that my Warren Zevonesque "Excitable Boy" tendencies have frighhtened you off. [welll actually she was out of town and not checking email for two whole weeks! her response began "Woah, where'd that come from? I guess my lesson is not to go a week, without checking my email. I am paying the price for that right now. Not that I am overly popular but everyone that I do know has emailed this week. Sorry if I bruised your feelings!"] For that I cannot apologize enough. I really didn't mean anything by most of those last couple e-mails--other than that you might enjoy YAJ and Dave's and I could work an angle for a free ticket for you with no strings atatched (damn! I shoulda written THAT). [backpedalling and grovelling furiously cuz I don't knwo what else to do] But patience is not now nor has it ever been one of my natural virtues [nor are proofreading and correct typing!], and, in retrospect, I see how dumb it was not to just send the one e-mail [there was a time when email was hyphenated friends] reply on the 30th and [to understood here] shut up and wait.[I never did learn to play by THE RULES.] Ever since the spring break break (6th to 26th), my e-rhythm has just been off. [it made sense to me and her then so don't ask]

I did want you to know that in what has been my best 4 months to date in Starkville (I got reelected to Faculty Senate; I got an article accepted for publication; I got named by President Portera to a SACS self-study committee as a junior, non-tenured [well we all know how that turned out] faculty member; My House is finally taking the shape I want it to inside; and I'm more at peace with myself and my life here than I've ever been and less afraid of becoming [colleague's name related to Billy the Kid deleted here] in 10 years) the undoubted highlight has been our e-correspondence ever since 2/19's letter stumped me with your witty Bud subject line comeback. I've lived a lot of places and met a number of fascinating people, but never have I enjoyed such a natural, easygoing repartee that was both really funny, clever, and interesting all at once. [category one error alert; surely "both" does not allow for three following comparisons!] If I've blown THAT, I will probably never forgive myself.

I hope to hear from you. But if not, the last two month's have been a pleasure, a privilege, and a thrill. [what is it with me and groups of three?]

No Hollywood 1930s comedy of remarriage ending here . . . yet. But there's still a palpable magic in our communications. Good, I feel better having let that out.

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