Thursday, December 02, 2004

The future's so bright (i gotta wear shades).

I just can't get The Futureheads self-titled debut CD out of my head. They may be a one trick pony; but boy what a trick. Think Rockapella (the Brown University guys who used to do wierd live versions of the Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego theme song) but a bit younger and with very thick Northern English accents. Meld this to some sort of art school inspired futurist manifesto-like lyrics and then wed to scorching guitars a la The Gang of Four. No surprise the band is 4 Scousers from Sunderland, and their debut single was produced by Andy Gill. Yea, Mr. Glass shard guitar slinging god who brought you "Damaged Goods," "Anthrax," and "At Home She's A Tourist" amongst other Go4 faves. Another reference: think an even hipper, younger, British version of Devo and you're nearly there.

These songs especially "Robot" just make me wanna pogo a gogo until I can't go go no more. My favorite lyric: "The best thing is our lifespan I don't mind . . . I don't mind. I have no mind"." And then there's the most brilliantly bent Kate Bush cover ever, especally since it sounds like "The Huuuuunnds of Looooovee."

In other music news, a short piece on "Sympathy for the Mekons" will be forthcoming on soon.

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Robert said...

The two song you let me hear were fantastic! I think the Devo comparision is dead-on. Great rock'n out/ cruising music.