Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Modern art.

I accompanied the shadowy Wm. P. Andrews to his secret studio lair somewhere on the central MSU campus. There I saw a representative sampling of his most recent work as well as some pieces that dated back over fifteen years. Here are two wide studio shots (if wide isn't a misnomer for the studio!).



The most recent work involves an attempt to capture the dynamics and aesthetics of Miles Davis and John Coltrane's music in an abstract minimalist fashion on canvas with oil. This one is done; where's Miles and where's Trane in here do you think?


This one is the most recent and remains a vision unfinished as yet.

recent and unfinished

A bit older are what I call the coathanger art series. Here Mr. A starts to unveil them.

Interrupted coathanger art

Why coathanger art? Well, the designs are based on sketches of sculpture made out of deconstructed and reshaped white coathangers done some years ago.

Coathanger sculpture

Coincidentally I am the proud owner of WPA's work Blue Fugue (2001).

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