Friday, June 09, 2006

Deutschland über alles.

6 goals in the first match. Awesome plus some great attacking, flowing footie. The first and last German goals were long-range strikes of the highest quality. Above Frings' blast off a corner stuns the Costa Rican goalie and Torsten celebrates. And their star Ballack didn't even play. Klinsmann should feel free to give the midle finger to all his doubters, but he really does need to get off the offsides trap. You got burned twice, and it could have been thrice easily. Great start to the month!

UPDATE (6/11/06):
For a variety of reasons personal and aesthetic, I'm going to avoid turning TNA into a month-long football blog, as that's not it's raison d'être. But don't worry, I will blog on some key matches and Cup highlights!

For those of you wanting more World Cup bloggage, here are a few excellent sites:
Admittedly as an occasional contributor, I am biased in this blog's favor. Still the coverage is thorough, the comments insightful (especially those by gclark, daz, and bakerkm45), and the variety of links extremely useful. World Cup 2006 coverage
Check out the daily podcast live or via an iTunes download. Personally, I find the Guardian's live gameday commentary more interesting than that provided on BBC Sport (see below). Also the various blogs are fascinating: see the links section in Argie-Bargie (above).

BBC Sports World Cup
Given my personal anglophilia, I have chosen the UK version of the site. Feel free to select the International version bubble. Either way you won't be disappointed with the quality of the coverage.

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