Sunday, March 12, 2006

When i'm sixty-four.

As one approaches middle age, it's perhaps natural for nostalgia and fear to creep in in somewhat equal measures. Recently I came across Wikipedia's year-by-year entries featuring births. Examining mine, I was surprised that I'm just a bit younger than Nicholas Cage, Jeff Bezos, Laura Linney, Matt Dillon, Bret Easton Ellis, Irene Cara, Rob Lowe, David Cross, Russell Crowe, Hank Azaria, Andy Bell, and Caroline Rhea and shocked to find out that I'm older than Miguel Induráin, Melissa Gilbert, Yeardley "Lisa Simpson" Smith, Barry Bonds, Dan Brown, Bonnie Hunt, Teri Hatcher, and Eddie Vedder.

You should check out the births from your natal year. You might surprise or shock yourself as well.

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