Monday, March 27, 2006

Never on sunday.

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later in this year's crazy March Madness. And yes, King, it is one of the best ever, even if you are a hirsute "Dirty Golden Bear." Here I was cruising to easy wins in both of my Yahoo Tournament Pick 'Em groups and just like that no #1 seeds make the Final Four — it's been over twenty years since that happened, so we're talking statistical anomaly though the changing nature of how long stars stay to play does level the court a lot — and half my bracket is done. In one day, I went from about to enter the top 100 to an egregious 697th place (just kidding).

It's hard to get upset about George Mason's miraculous fightback against UConn, although the officiating again at times was egregious (like the bogus palming call). UConn took their shot to win and it didn't happen, kinda like when they snuck up on the Dookies a few year's back in the title game, well except it's an 11 seed from the Colonial Athletic Association.

Villanova didn't show up. As a native Tallahasseean and former Junior Nole, I brake for all animals 'cept Gators. However, the team is an interesting story and Yannick's kid an emergent star!

So now I need the UCLA Bruins to win and then get beat by George Mason. No chance you say? Well GMU has a smell of '83 NC State about them. I mean they have taken down recent former champs MSU and UNC along the way, while shocking the Shockers as well.

Live by the lucky close wins, but be prepared to die by the close losses as well.

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