Thursday, March 30, 2006

JEOPARDY! Closing Theme Mastertone.

The test was exhilirating. I'm amazed how short 15 seconds is when you have to get an answer and then type it out in an answer box. At least we only had to do last names and no phrasing as a question. I don't type 300 wpm after all! Even on the ones I got immediately, I decided not to punch the submit button and pace myself for all 50 questions. They didn't appear to be factoring speed into the grading equation. Two I blanked on for 14 seconds and couldn't get anything down: Fishburne (who played Neo and a Spike Lee role) and the 2003 musical pre-history of Oz Witches (Wicked.) D'oh! Of the other 48 I'm confident 45 were right and the other 3 were legitimate guesses (thrown ball arc, Ho Chi Minh's river: the long one with a famous delta not the Saigon, and Armenia not Georgia as ex-Soviet republic led by a Petrosian). They don't announce passing scores, and even if you pass total numbers and demographics, geography, etc. might prevent you from going on. So we wait.

Lots of literature: The Tempest, Beowulf as progenitor of Berger's Grendel, Robert Frost reading at Kennedy's inauguration. Sports too: Teddy Ballgame(.406 avg) and Roberto Clemente (3000 hits and dead in relief effort). And a home state question about the location of Appalachicola and Osceola National Forests. Alas no Potent Potables. My fave question was about what kind of poem Keats' "On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer" is. Ahem, moment of honesty, I taught that very poem most semesters from Fall 1996 to Spring 2003. That's what I call a home field advantage. Oh, it's a sonnet and should be paired with Emily Dickinson's "There is no frigate like a book" as masterpieces about literary imagining.

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