Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Sooner or later.

USC's gonna kick your ass. Why did USC win? 1) They had a better team. 2) They dominated both lines of scrimmage. 3) They wanted it more. I mean, c'mon, Leinart was furious about that meaningless fourth quarter safety, slamming his helmet in disgust when they lost their 40 point lead. If he stays in school, you're looking at a probable 3-peat champion. In review, I was wrong about the Rose, at least in terms of the exciting nature of the game,though I'm still not sold on Texas as anythign but a team with a breakout sophomore running quarterback. The Sugar went about as expected, although I really thought going in VA Tech would find a way. Auburn's defense was everything it's looked to be all year long--hats off to them. Critics of BCS who want that one extra game. Yes, but who are you gonna take: Auburn or Utah? It's so simple; go to an 8 or 16 team playoff just like every other NCAA division does without managing to terminally damage the academic "careers" of their "student-athletes."

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