Saturday, January 01, 2005

New day rising.

Surely 2005 will be better all around than 2004; it just CAN"T be worse!

On a related note, sure hope Chris Rix ends his college career on a up note. Hey Gators, now you know how it feels . You pile up yardage only to have a kick block returned for a TD and a punt return for a TD against you. So you look up at half with overwhelming stats but it's 17-3 the other way. I guess the visored one knew what he was doing by ducking the 'Canes for all those years.

Let's hear it for the refs who gifted Minnesota with a bowl win they didn't really deserve; remember I am in no way, shape, or form an Alabama fan, but how can you not see that obvious fumble?. Man was that Liberty Bowl a great shootout or what! Louisville was this close to being undefeated (losing by the slimmest of margins to Miami in the Orange Bowl). If they fire Petrino in a fit of pique over his courting better jobs, they are idiotic.

Big game picks:

The Rose: who cares?

The Sugar: Va Tech in a slight upset

The Orange: USC just seems to have another gear whenever they need it. But I do feel bad about betting against a Bob Stoops-coached team. And Adrian Petersen is the thrid best college freshman running back I've ever seen after Herschel Walker (who was robbed of the Heisman by George Rogers) and Marcus Dupree (the man had 240+ yards in the first half of his bowl game before a hammie virtually ended his career--yeah I know he soldiered on in Hattiesburg, New Orleans, and Portland, but c/mon once he left Norman he was really done).

Bet you didn't realize you'd entered the Beano Cook website by mistake. And isn't it a shame that Notre Dame got beat in a minor bowl. AGAIN.

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Polly said...

i'm still pulling for auburn!