Sunday, August 09, 2009

A night in tunisia.

The Mediterannean patio-fest small dinner party was a memorable evening, in spite of the patio-lessness. Just too muggy. We started with some skewers to gnosh on:

I set up dinner as serve yourself stytle buffet in the dining room. What you don't see here is the Moroccan black olive loaf bread on the table.

Our Main course proved a cultural hybrid: Marella Pasta from Apulia married with a Catalan Red Pepper Sauce and Gulf Shrimp.

The salad was a colorful marinated affair including roasted red pepper slices, green, orange, and yellow bell pepper slices, Vidalia onion slices, quartered artichoke hearts, various olives, tomatoes of all shapes, sizes and hues, and mango slices with a lime ginger garlic homemade vinaigrette:

Not to brag, but it was pretty good and a nice culmination for the weekend de cuisine.


Francesca said...

Please tell me, what is that beautiful fabric you have as a background to your cultural hybrid pasta?
Glad the patio-lessness patio fest was memorable (not good to get used to a/c, that's Roman wisdom for you:))

G. E. Light said...

Assuming you mean the linen on the server and not the wall paper. Something I inherited from an aunt. I'll have to ask my Mom to get details. If the wall paper, that was in the house when I bought it, Put there by daughter of original owners who helped them redecorate in about 1980. Can ask what that pattern is as well, if you so desire.